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Fear and Beauty

Jean-Marie Ghislain

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The most beautiful photographs ever published of sharks in the open sea


Real danger is something we seldom experience in the modern world, yet fear is deep at the core of our being. Jean-Marie Ghislain overcame his fear of water by learning to swim with sharks. By confronting his emotional responses to these graceful predators, he sought to recover from personal trauma, asking himself: ‘Can beauty cure fear?’

Working entirely with natural light and a focal length as close as possible to that of the human eye, he brings these magnificent creatures closer to us than most could ever dare. The tiniest mark and scar is rendered so clearly that we feel we could reach out and touch them. By sharing his profoundly personal experience with sharks, Jean-Marie Ghislain captures the character and beauty of these exceptional creatures, so often maligned or threatened, and urges us to learn to share our oceans with a new sense of respect and even love. At the end of the book, the pictures are reproduced at thumbnail size with extensive entries, containing scientific information on the featured shark(s), and where, when and why they were photographed.

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'These images exude a beauty and tranquility that we perhaps haven’t previously associated with the subject'
What Digital Camera

'Picture after picture offers a new take on sharks'
Curious Animal

'A remarkable book'


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Format: Hardback without Jacket

Size: 22.5 x 30.0 cm

Extent: 192 pp

Publication date: 27 October 2014

ISBN: 9780500517734

Contents List

Introduction • Five chapters in the following themes: portraits of sharks; the dance of the sharks; interaction between sharks and humans; the shark’s body (details); on the surface.

About the Author

Jean-Marie Ghislain is the founder and the photographer of the ‘Shark Revolution’ Project.