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Unforgettable books to boost your New Year’s resolutions

Posted on 16 Dec 2020

Refresh your living space, rejuvenate your body, and try something new this new year. No matter your resolution, these books will help you start the year inspired, ready to make the most of 2022.

© Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell, from High Grade Living

High Grade Living

Looking to change gears this year? Applying ancient knowledge to modern living, High Grade Living is a handbook for shifting from stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to creative, grounded and happy in all areas of your life.

Get started with these three simple but powerful steps to transform your home this year.

The Monocle Book of Gentle Living

Pining for a change of pace? The Monocle Book of Gentle Living is a practical guide to slowing down, reconnecting and living a happier, more balanced life.

Making Living Lovely

Planning to tackle clutter and freshen up your space? Making Living Lovely offers straightforward tips and design techniques, as well as playful interiors inspiration, giving you the confidence to create a home that works perfectly for you.

To get started, here are four simple tips to refresh your space in minutes.

The MR PORTER Guide to a Better Day

Searching for a break from your normal routine? The MR PORTER Guide to a Better Day is a dawn-to-dusk instruction manual for living effortlessly and elegantly in the modern world.

Wild Kitchen

Aiming to live more sustainably? Wild Kitchen takes you into the home kitchens of twenty of the world’s top chefs, food bloggers and restaurateurs, revealing inspiring ways that they’re embracing the ‘wild’ at home.

Take a sneak peek inside the book right now, and explore some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens.

Plants for the People

Looking to live more naturally? Plants for the People is your guide to forty everyday herbs and flowers, including their history, therapeutic applications and health and healing benefits.

Start learning right now with these five herbal tea recipes to help boost your immune system.

Should We All Be Vegan?

Trying out Veganuary? Should We All Be Vegan? offers an expertly crafted look at the arguments for and against universal adoption of a vegan diet and lifestyle.

You Are an Artist

Looking to try something new? A recipe book for creativity, You Are An Artist by Bob and Roberta Smith features a collection of simple prompts to unlock your inner artist, as well as a series of moving lessons about the nature of art and inspiration.

Read our interview with the artist and activist, exploring curiosity, creativity, arts education and the antidote to Donald Trump.

Great Cities Through Travellers’ Eyes

Want to travel from the comfort of home? Great Cities Through Travellers’ Eyes features travellers’ accounts of the world’s most fascinating cities, from ancient times to the present day.