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500+ Designs from Around the World

Nicolas Estrada


Celebrates new trends in earring design, showcasing a stunning collection of the innovative work of jewelry designers from around the world


A new wave of designers and artisans are creating earrings that push the boundaries of jewelry design. Drawing on unique sources of inspiration to incorporate symbol and meaning, they are redefining the earring as more than a mere ornamental piece.

This book showcases innovative work by jewelry designers from around the world, exploring new trends in design and craftsmanship through style, form and concept. The earrings range from the traditional to more complex, cutting-edge pieces.

All the jewelry featured is notable for its exuberance, the choice of materials or its boldness, whether in terms of dimension, colour or composition. Whatever the materials chosen, it is the imaginative design that shines through.

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Format: Flexibound PLC (no jacket)

Size: 24.0 x 18.8 cm

Extent: 244 pp

Illustrations: 530

Publication date: 20 May 2013

ISBN: 9780500290828

Contents List

Preface by Noel Guyomarch • Introduction by Carolina Hornauer • Indelible Marks • The Gallery: A Contemporary Collection • Elegant • Daring • Delicate • Sublime • Index of Artists

About the Author

Nicolas Estrada is a jewelry designer based in Barcelona.

List of Contributors

Noel Guyomarc'h, Carolina Hornauer