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An Illustrated Journey into Our Imagined Worlds

Christopher Dell


A huge treasury of mythical images and stories from cultures around the world


Every culture has its own myths, and this lively and accessible compendium gathers in one place some of humankind’s most enduring stories. Here, from every corner of the globe, are tales of the world’s creation, undying love, jealous gods and sturdy heroes, terrible monsters, the afterlife and the underworld.

Looking at mythology’s overarching themes, Christopher Dell shows how many myths share common patterns and traces how the human imagination, in all its diversity, has expressed itself through the ages.

Brought to life through hundreds of colourful and bizarre illustrations, Mythology will appeal to anyone interested in the tales we tell to explain the world around us.

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'A treasure-house of illustrations … erudite and enjoyable'
Contemporary Review

'A gorgeous survey of the world’s mythologies'
Fortean Times

Product Information

Book Details

Format: Paperback with flaps

Size: 23.5 x 22.0 cm

Extent: 352 pp

Publication date: 17 August 2015

ISBN: 9780500291511

Contents List

The Supernatural Realm: Gods and Goddesses, Sun, Moon, Underworld • The Earth: Creation, Mountains, Floods, Trees, Springs • Humankind: Twins, Sexuality, Dreams, the Eye, Death • Gifts from the Gods: Kingship, Laws, Fire, Beauty • The Animal Kingdom: Cows, Lions, Eagles, Peacocks, Turtles • Symbolic Substances: Gold, Blood, Apples, Salt, Honey • Heroes and Heroines: Heracles, Thor, Theseus, Arthur, Gilgamesh • Quests, Journeys and Epics: Jason, Odysseus, Holy Grail, the Ramayana

About the Author

Christopher Dell holds a degree in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute, London. He has written and edited many bestselling titles on art and visual culture, including Freemasonry, Mythology, Monsters, What Makes a Masterpiece? and The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic, all published by Thames & Hudson.

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