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Exploring the World of King Arthur

Christopher Snyder

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A richly illustrated and informative survey exploring the world of Arthur and the impact of the Arthurian legends on history and the arts


In this lavishly illustrated and rich survey, Christopher Snyder examines the historical realities and impact of the Arthurian legends on history and the arts. The backdrop to the legends is accompanied by a discussion of the Celtic and Roman legacies in Europe. Medieval texts and the latest archaeological discoveries are then used to piece together a picture of the 5th and 6th centuries, when medieval authors believed Arthur to have reigned as king or champion of the Britons.

Snyder shows how contemporaries viewed Arthur and this enigmatic period of history, and how history gave way to legend. He traces the development of Arthurian literature in medieval Europe, moving from Britain and France to Germany where writers like Wolfram von Eschenbach brought the stories of the Grail and Tristan into association with Arthur. The book also offers a unique look at: the impact that Arthur had on European chivalry and monarchy; the 19th-century revival of interest in Arthur; 20th century adherents to the myth of Camelot; and Arthurian websites.

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Format: Paperback

Size: 24.4 x 18.8 cm

Extent: 192 pp

Illustrations: 262

Publication date: 31 January 2011

ISBN: 9780500289044

Contents List

I. Introduction: Who Was Arthur? • II. Background: Celts and Romans III: The Age of Arthur (AD400-600) • IV: The Chronicles of the Britons V: The Legends of the Britons • VI: Monarchy, Chivalry and the Return of Arthur • VII: The Quest for Camelot • VIII: Conclusion: An Age of Arthur

About the Author

Christopher Snyder is Chair of the Department of History and Politics at Marymount University in Arlington,Virginia.

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