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Workshop: Happiness is a Fox, With Aušra Kiudulaite and Evelina Daciute

Tuesday, 13 February – 11:00am Royal Festival Hall Level 3 Function Room, Level 3, Blue side, Royal Festival Hall

Book Event £6 (£2.50 booking fee for non-members)


What makes you happy? This is the question asked by Lithuanian illustrator Aušra Kiudulaite and author Evelina Daciute, the pair behind the upcoming children’s book The Fox on the Swing.

In their story you meet Paul, who lives in a cosy treehouse in a big city with his family. Something unexpected happens when Paul befriends a wise, friendly fox on a walk home from the bakery. The fox gives Paul a space to think about what makes him happy and what friendship means – all in the pages of a bright and quirky storybook.

During the workshop the author and the illustrator will open up the secrets of their book and talk about what makes them happy.

This event is part of the Imagine Children’s Festival and is supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

First workshop: 11am – 12pm workshop on Tuesday 13th February
Second workshop: 13.30 – 14.30 workshop on Tuesday 13th February

Age Recommendation: 6+