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Talk: Tibetan Yoga at Shang Shung Institute

Friday, 12 April – 6:30pm 14 Collent Street, London, UK

Book Event £7.50

Join Ian A. Baker for a presentation and talk by on his new book Tibetan Yoga: a visual exploration of Tibetan yogic practises, the hidden treasure at the heart of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhist tradition.

Drawing on Tibetan cultural history and scientific research, the author explores Tibetan yogic practices from historical, anthropological, and biological perspectives, providing a rich background to enable the reader to understand this ancient tradition with both the head and the heart. He provides complete, illustrated instructions for meditations, visualizations, and sequences of practices for the breath and body, as well as esoteric practices including sexual yoga, lucid dream yoga, and yoga enhanced by psychoactive plants.



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