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Talk: The Making of the White Horse

Wednesday, 1 April – 2:00pm St Cross College, St Giles', Oxford, UK

Photo Roger Rozencwajg/Photononstop/Diomedia

The White Horse at Uffington is a symbol of the English. For centuries antiquarians, travellers and local people speculated about the age of the Horse, who created it and why. Was it a memorial to King Alfred the Great’s victory over the heathen Danes, an emblem of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers or a prehistoric banner, announcing the territory of a British tribe? Or was the Horse an actor in an elaborate prehistoric ritual, drawing the sun across the sky?

Join Oxford archaeologist David Miles, author of The Land of the White Horse, at the Oxford Literary Festival and learn about the making of an English icon.

The Land of the White Horse

Visions of England David Miles