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Talk: Pioneering Journeys from the Great Explorers

Tuesday, 21 May – 10:45am Bennett Street, Bath BA1 2QH, UK

Book Event £10

Robin Hanbury-Tenison has spent much of his life travelling in the world’s rainforests and deserts, and made the two first crossings of South America from East to West (1958) and North to South (1964/5).

His book The Great Explorers looks back at 500 years of exploration told through a series of portraits of 40 pioneering men and women.

‘Absorbing, factually tight, sensitive to its Eurocentricity, it gathers together a host of valuable essays’


His talk at The Bath Festival will explore what inspires explorers to push back the boundaries of the known world, why they risk their lives in unforgiving conditions far from home and how they survive at the limits of human endurance.

The Great Explorers

Forty of the Greatest Men and Women Who Changed Our Perception of the World Robin Hanbury-Tenison

The Modern Explorers

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