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Talk: 50 Key Moments in Art at Tate Modern

Wednesday, 13 March – 7:00pm Tate Modern, London, UK

Book Event £15

Are you an art lover? This talk will give you all the background knowledge you need for your enjoyment and understanding, whether you are an avid gallery-goer, armchair enthusiast or curious observer.

In Key Moments in Art Lee Cheshire’s storytelling approach is both entertaining and easy to remember. He celebrates artistic ingenuity and collaboration, but does not shy away from the arguments, fights and lawsuits that have dogged art’s often-turbulent course. Vivid, colourful vignettes capture the excitement of their times.

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals

A Manual for Fine Metalworkers, Sculptors and Designers Richard Hughes, Michael Rowe

Modern Art (Art Essentials)

Amy Dempsey

Pop Art (Art Essentials)

Flavia Frigeri