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Talk: Digging Up Britain with Mike Pitts

Saturday, 28 September – 12:00pm

Book Event £10

Mike Pitts is one of Britain’s best-known writers and broadcasters on archaeology. Starting out as a professional archaeologist and museum curator, he has directed excavations at Stonehenge and written about some of our most sensational recent finds, including the discovery of King Richard III’s skeleton beneath a car park in Leicester.

In his latest book, Digging up Britain: Ten Discoveries, a Million Years of History, Pitts gives a new vision of our country, from the Viking age back to the first humans, through ten spectacular digs. Each chapter is an adventure, as archaeologists struggle to excavate and understand finds of international significance. Together, they reveal the importance of travel and migration in our islands’ story.

One chapter that’s sure to be of much local interest is about Stonehenge, where Pitts directed excavations in 1979-80. He was back there in 2008, co-directing the excavation of an Aubrey Hole, one of the site’s 56 chalk pits. Pitts asks a topical question: was Stonehenge built by migrants?

Pitts is a regular on BBC Radio and has written for a number of newspapers, including the Guardian, once winning the British Archaeological Press Award. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London and continues to conduct original archaeological research.

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