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Talk: A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen

Friday, 16 June – 6:30pm K133, King's Manor, Exhibition Square, York YO1 7EP

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Join art critic Martin Gayford to discuss how and why pictures have been made. What makes marks on a flat surface interesting? How do you show movement in a still picture, and how do films and television connect with old masters? What do pictures show – truth or lies? Do photographs present the world as we experience it?

Martin’s talk is based on his new book, A History of Pictures, co-authored with artist David Hockney, which explores the 30,000-year-old history of pictures. Juxtaposing a rich variety of images – a still from a Disney cartoon with a print by Hiroshige, a scene from an Eisenstein film with a Velázquez painting – Martin and David cross the normal boundaries between high culture and popular entertainment, and make unexpected connections across time and media.

A History of Pictures

From the Cave to the Computer Screen David Hockney, Martin Gayford