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Panel Discussion: Peter Conrad on the role of mythology in contemporary culture

Saturday, 1 July – 10:00am University of Bradford, Norcroft Auditorium, Richmond Road, Bradford, United Kingdom

Book Event £2.40 - £6

Modern culture seems to pride itself on scientific advancement and the evolution of critical thinking, yet we are still as enchanted and seduced by myth as our distant ancestors.

You need only take a stroll around a shopping centre, turn on the TV or spend a few minutes surfing the net to be confronted by mythological symbols, legendary heroes and God-like beings. Whether it is the legions of Narcissus snapping their selfies, tech giants boldly re-branding the forbidden fruit or political factions brandishing flags and reciting mantras, myth has spilled out into the realm of modern existence.

In an increasingly divided modern climate, do we use allegory to give voice to ideas that we might be otherwise unable to express? And does the mythical world provide an uncensored dimension in which we can share perspectives that might be otherwise quickly denounced?

Our event chair, Yvette Huddleston, and acclaimed panel, including academic and writer, Peter Conrad, author and journalist, James Ball and author, Jared Shurin, are faced with the herculean task of examining our obsession with myths and what advantages there may be to seeing the legendary in the everyday.


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