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Exhibition: Ravens & Red Lipstick: Photos from Japan

Friday, 14 September – 9:00am 3 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD, UK

Shomei Tomatsu & Kishin Shinoyama, various © 2018 Michael Hoppen Gallery

The Michael Hoppen Gallery hosts the work of some of Japan’s most important post-war photographers, across both floors. The exhibition titled ‘SHASHIN: ARE-BURE-BOKE’ introduces visitors to some of Japan’s most important post-war photographers as well as lesser-known artists

Many of which are featured in Ravens & Red Lipstick, the first overview of Japanese photography from post-war Realism to modern day images. These include Fukase Masahisa, Moriyama Daido, Tomatsu Shomei, Isuiuchi Miyako, Shinoyama Kishin, Hamaya Hiroshi and Naito Masatoshi.

Author of Ravens & Red Lipstick, Lena Fritsch, discusses with us how her love of Japanese photography since 1945 led her to create one of the first introduction to and study of the subject to be published in English. Read the full interview here.


Ravens & Red Lipstick

Japanese Photography Since 1945 Lena Fritsch