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Should We All Be Vegan?

A primer for the 21st century

Molly Watson


An insightful look at the arguments for and against universal adoption of a vegan diet and lifestyle.


As concern grows over the environmental costs and ethical implications of intensive factory farming, an increasing number of us are embracing diets and lifestyles free from animal products. Has the time now arrived for us all to reject the exploitation of animals completely and become vegan? Would adopting a wholly plant-based diet be beneficial for our health? How would a majority vegan population affect the global economy and the planet? Does it make any sense to go flexitarian or vegetarian? Molly Watson explores the history, rationale and impact of veganism on an individual, social and global level, and assesses the effects of a mass change in diet on our environment, the economy and our health.

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Format: Paperback with flaps

Size: 22.9 x 152

Extent: 144

Illustrations: 186

ISBN: 9780500295038

Contents List

Introduction, The Evolution of Veganism, Why Go Vegan Today?, The Challenges of Veganism, A Vegan Planet, Conclusion.

About the Author

Molly Watson is the editor-in-chief of Edible Communities, the flagship website for a network of more than 80 magazines dedicated to telling the stories of local, sustainable food systems around the USA and Canada. She has written for The New York Times, the Washington Post and Elle, and is the author of two plant-centric cookbooks.