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Buddha (Art and Imagination)

The Intelligent Heart

Alistair Shearer

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An introduction to the essential teachings of Buddha, showing how these teachings have been expressed in the art, architecture, rituals, symbols, and festivals of various cultures


Over 2500 years ago there lived a man who did not claim to be specially gifted, divinely inspired or chosen, yet whose teaching now attracts an ever-increasing number of followers from all walks of life.

Serious, but never solemn, the Buddha's way seeks a realization of how the mind limits and isolates itself. Through study, discipline and meditation, such understanding can transcend the suffering, ego-bound self and foster wisdom and compassion, positivity and unfettered joy.

Buddhist culture has spread, diversified and developed, from ancient India to modern America. This book displays the rich global array of art and architecture, ritual and symbol, festivals and people that reflects a religion of great beauty and profound practical insight. Alistair Shearer explains how the timeless wisdom of the Buddha offers the West a means by which it can rediscover its own sense of spirituality.

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Book Details

Format: Paperback

Size: 27.9 x 20.2 cm

Extent: 96 pp

Illustrations: 166

Publication date: 13 July 1992

ISBN: 9780500810385

About the Author

Alistair Shearer is a teacher of meditation and a historian of oriental art. He writes and lectures on the sacred function of art and architecture, and leads groups to sites of pilgrimage in South East Asia.

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