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Amber Creswell Bell

Create Your Own Tote Bags

Sonia Lucano Out of stock

Islamic Design Workbook

Eric Broug

Create Your Own Brooches

Corinne Alagille Out of stock

Hirameki: Cats & Dogs

Peng & Hu

The Craft Companion

Ramona Barry, Rebecca Jobson

I Can Make My Own Accessories

Georgia Vaux, Louise Scott-Smith Out of stock

Brooches (A Craft Studio Book)

Corinne Alagille Out of stock

Stamping & Printing (A Craft Studio Book)

Émilie Greenberg, Karine Thiboult-Demessence Out of stock


Peng & Hu

Decorating with Pompoms & Tassels

Émilie Greenberg, Karine Thiboult-Demessence

Tote Bags (A Craft Studio Book)

Sonia Lucano Out of stock

Interior Inspiration: Scandinavia

Sonia Lucano Out of stock

Journeys in Calligraphy

Denise Lach

I Can Make Dolls' Clothes

Louise Scott-Smith, Georgia Vaux

The Andean Science of Weaving

Denise Y. Arnold, Elvira Espejo