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Art & Archaeology of the Greek World

Richard T. Neer

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A new edition of this accessible survey of the Greek world, covering two thousand years of material culture


Beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, this survey of ancient Greek art and archaeology is a clear and lively chronological narrative that takes readers through artistic developments in Greek culture from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic kingdoms and the coming of Rome, emphasizing the diversity and cosmopolitan character of the Mediterranean over a span of two thousand years. Richard Neer offers new insights into the role of visual culture in the Greek world, and its intersection with politics, religion and ancient everyday life.

Combining well-known artworks with less familiar pieces, together with architecture, settlements and textual evidence, Neer demonstrates the extent of Greece’s contact with other parts of the ancient world, from Egyptian inspiration to influences in Anatolia and Afghanistan.

Each chapter begins with a map and chronology – a visual guide to the places, periods and events it will cover – and ends with a summary. Primary source boxes throughout the book bring in ancient voices, and topical boxes explore specific works, techniques and controversies, including looting, modern restorations and new discoveries, such as the Morgantina Treasure.

Now in its second edition, Art & Archaeology of the Greek World offers a wider perspective of ancient art, with more artworks from the Hellenistic period; more early material from Minoan and Mycenaean cultures; and additional archaeological context throughout.

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'Simply the best available introduction to the history of Greek art for any newcomer to the field'
Jeremy Tanner, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

'Certainly the most beautiful, and in many ways the most interesting, survey of the art of the Greek world'
Robin Osborne, University of Cambridge

'The second edition is even more richly illustrated than the first, with additional colour illustrations and new Hellenistic material. The text is superbly clear, and the boxed vignettes provide excellent case studies, including recent discoveries'
Tamar Hodos, University of Bristol

'Handsomely illustrated … covers an impressive range of art forms over a broad chronological span'
Karim Arafat, King’s College London

'[A] superbly illustrated, engagingly accessible classic, a perfect guide for Mediterranean travel'
Jackie Wullschläger’s Summer Reads, Financial Times

'This fresh and lively approach gives the subject a relevance and breath that puts it in a league of its own. This is no stuffy ancient art history book … this is a visual feast'

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Product Information

Book Details

Format: Hardback

Edition Type: Second edition

Size: 27.6 x 21.5 cm

Extent: 408 pp

Illustrations: 559

Publication date: 31 January 2019

ISBN: 9780500052082

Contents List

Introduction • Chronological Overview • Crete and the Cyclades to the Late Bronze Age • Greece and the Mycenaean World to c. 1200 bce • Geometric Greece, c. 1100–c.700 BCE • The “Orientalizing” Period, c. 710–c. 600 BCE • Archaic Architecture, Coinage and Luxuries, c. 600–c. 520 BCE • Early Archaic Sculpture, c. 600–c. 520 BCE • Case Study: Olympia and Delphi, c. 900–c. 480 BCE • Late Archaic, c. 520–c. 480 BCE • Early Classical, c. 480–c. 440 BCE • Case Study: Cyrene and Paestum • Case Study: Athens and the Akropolis, c. 480–c. 404 BCE • High Classical, c. 440–c. 400 BCE • Late Classical, c. 400–c. 323 BCE • The Hellenistic World, c. 323–c. 100 BCE • Glossary, Further Reading, Acknowledgments, Sources of Quotations, Sources of Illustrations

About the Author

Professor Richard T. Neer is William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, Cinema and Media Studies and the College at the University of Chicago.