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Spirit of Place

Artists, Writers and the British Landscape Susan Owens

You Are An Artist

Bob and Roberta Smith

Women Photographers: Contemporaries (Photofile)

(1970–Today) Clara Bouveresse
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Bob and Roberta Smith on ice cream, infinite loops & the power of giggling

Whether we like it or not, says Bob and Roberta Smith, we’ve been enrolled in the world, and the world is an art school. In this interview, we chat to the artist and activist about his book 'You Are an Artist', exploring curiosity, creativity, arts education and the antidote to Donald Trump.

Writers & artists at home: 'The Book of Pebbles'

Fancy an escape to the British seaside? We spoke to writer Christopher Stocks and printmaker Angie Lewin – creators of ‘The Book of Pebbles’ – who allowed us to peek inside their inspiring homes and socially-distant seaside retreats. They’re experts at taking pleasure in the simple things, like pebble collecting, and at bringing the great outdoors in.

The Making of the Book: Craftland Japan

Mountain fog, indigo farms and a friendly Shiba Inu. From first idea to final design flourish, head behind the scenes of 'Craftland Japan' and discover how a six-month campervan road trip became a printed celebration of Japanese craft.

Art, writing and the British landscape: 'Spirit of Place'

From the humblest forest paths to the most awe-inspiring vistas, the British landscape has both shaped and been shaped by its inhabitants and visitors for millennia. In this illuminating extract from ‘Spirit of Place’, author Susan Owens reflects on a landscape that is at once intimately familiar and infinitely mysterious.

Video: New Map France

In his new guide to France – the most visited country on the planet – Herbert Ypma surprises and delights with his unequalled eye for detail and his unerring ability to judge what makes the difference between a good experience and a truly memorable one.

The unlikely optimism of Vincent van Gogh

The tortured artist trope typifies Vincent van Gogh’s place in art history. But a closer look at his art and writing reveals a man of bountiful enthusiasm, wonder and love.

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