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Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?

Kyung An, Jessica Cerasi

Surrealism (Art Essentials)

Dr Amy Dempsey

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Linda Nochlin, Catherine Grant

Podcast: 'Not your grandfather’s history of art'

Do you live in a human body? Then abstract art is for you. A refreshing reappraisal of the history of abstract art, this episode explores quilt-making and taste-making, constellations and curation, and what the walls of the Whitney can tell us about our world.
Author Interviews

The world according to Jean-Paul Goude

We recently spoke to legendary graphic artist, photographer and advertising film director Jean-Paul Goude, whose iconic Chanel campaigns are daring visual feasts. His extraordinary unseen drawings are collected in ‘Goude: The Chanel Sketchbooks’, giving unprecedented insight into a great creative mind.
Author Interviews

Architect David Adjaye on iconic projects, public memory and the power of place

In this interview, Sir David Adjaye, acclaimed architect and winner of the 2021 RIBA Royal Gold Medal, explores the role of public buildings in empowering communities, what architecture can learn from art, and how no space is ever done evolving.

All about Chanel: The making of a fashion powerhouse

It’s been 50 years since the passing of Gabrielle Chanel, but her eponymous fashion house goes from strength to strength. From modest beginnings on Rue Cambon to monumental global success, discover the story of this timeless brand – and its iconic founder.

'A certain amount of the wild': Bridget Riley’s prints

This essay by Professor Robert Kudielka, extracted from ‘Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints’, explores the artist’s dynamic ventures in printmaking throughout her career.
Author Interviews

Bob and Roberta Smith on ice cream, infinite loops & the power of giggling

Whether we like it or not, says Bob and Roberta Smith, we’ve been enrolled in the world, and the world is an art school. In this interview, we chat to the artist and activist about his book 'You Are an Artist', exploring curiosity, creativity, arts education and the antidote to Donald Trump.

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