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The world according to Jean-Paul Goude

Posted on 11 Feb 2021

We spoke to legendary graphic artist, photographer and advertising film director Jean-Paul Goude, whose iconic Chanel campaigns are daring visual feasts. His extraordinary unseen drawings are collected in ‘Goude: The Chanel Sketchbooks’, giving unprecedented insight into a great creative mind.


‘Music conductor, performer… It’s true that whenever I get involved with a new project, I become a sort of band leader.’


‘I never met Gabrielle Chanel in person. According to television interviews from the period, she didn’t look too easy to get on with. I really don’t know how we would have got on.’


‘Being a ‘Jack of all trades’ is not a crime. In fact, if one is very careful, it can be a positive thing.’


‘My sketchbooks are a ‘mix’ of somewhat serious projects as well as more ‘frivolous’ personal digressions – of all sorts.’


‘I’ve been lucky to work with all sorts of brands, at one time or another. But I would have loved to direct my own feature film… it just never happened.’


‘What makes a great fashion campaign? A campaign that still holds up thirty years after it was first released.’

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Jean-Paul Goude, George Lois, Jean Paul Gaultier, Eric Troncy, Jérôme Sans