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The Spirit of Chaumet

Gabrielle de Montmorin

Chaumet Drawing from Nature

Gaëlle Rio, Marc Jeanson

Chanel High Jewelry

Julie Levoyer, Agnès Muckensturm, Olivier Andreotti

Louis Vuitton Tambour

Fabienne Reybaud

Cartier and Islamic Art

Pascale Lepeu, Violette Petit, Judith Heynon-Reynaud, Évelyne Possémé, Heather Ecker, Sarah Schleuning, Heather Heynon-Renaud


Joanna Hardy, Robert Violette

Chanel Eternal Instant

Nicholas Foulkes Out of stock

Retro Watches

Josh Sims, Mitch Greenblatt Out of stock

Chaumet Tiaras

Clare Phillips, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni

Diamond Jewelry

Mrs Diana Scarisbrick

Carnet by Michelle Ong

Vivienne Becker

Jewelry for Gentlemen

James Sherwood

Figures & Faces

Patrick Mauriès, Évelyne Possémé


Joanna Hardy